Profitable and fast trade sales that are just a click away

We are a trusted trade-to-trade auction platform for the sale of end of contract, part-ex, unwanted and overage wholesale stock.

Dealer Auction is digital first: a platform built from the ground up, purely for online trading so uncompromised by physical auction processes. It’s supported by a dedicated, agile development team and our buyers are ‘true’ online buyers.

We instantly alert buyers to your vehicles


active trade buyers


bids per month


stock alerts sent daily

Don’t worry if you have an existing physical auction programme – we can help you pick the right vehicles to maximise profit. It couldn’t be easier to upload vehicles – either use our self-serve portal, push your Auto Trader stock from Retail-to-Trade, or speak to us and we can publish your stock for you or help set up an automatic feed.

Built to do business

The biggest pool of buyers

Home to more than 5,000 trade buyers, giving you a better chance of quick sales and high stock turnaround.

Stock performance

Dealer Auction vehicles achieve consistently better CAP performance compared to physical auction. When buyers have less cost attributed to each win, they can push a bit further on their bids.

Choice of selling formats

You choose how you sell each vehicle: buy it now or online vehicle auction, open or closed.

Accelerated remarketing cycle

Reduce days to sell by advertising vehicles faster, closing auctions earlier and getting paid sooner.

Third-party integrations

Dealer Auction is agnostic and integrates with third-party products and services to simplify the disposal process. Stock can be uploaded via API, data feed or CSV.

Reduce environmental impact

Transacting direct from source reduces vehicle movements during the remarketing process and achieves tangible CO2 emissions savings.


Our platform aggregates stock from the widest ranges of sources attracting a huge pool of franchise, independent and supermarket buyers. We know what retailers stock on their forecourt and will match your stock to the right buyer.

We can run online closed auctions to support franchise groups and stock can cascade into the open market when needed.


We are the only platform that provides supply and demand data for a retailer’s local market.

Data insights help you list vehicles at the right price for sale to help attract more bids and achieve the maximum price.


Reduce delays and days to sell by selling straight from your forecourt. Vehicles are instantly uploaded to our digital marketplace for sale – you’re in complete control.

With access to forecourt advertising data, we can track a stock policy match – instantly notifying retailers of relevant stock the second it is listed – without them having to do anything!

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