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Here’s a rundown of 11 things you might not know about Dealer Auction and how it’s helping so many dealers in countless ways to boost their bottom line. 

1) It’s not just for dealers

What with our name you’d be forgiven for thinking Dealer Auction is purely a dealer-to-dealer platform. The truth is we partner with (and auction for) 10 OEMs (Renault, Nissan, Hyundai and MG to name but a few) and several fleets (including Hertz & our latest partner, Santander Consumer Finance). We also provide closed networks for a choice number of large dealer groups.  

2) Independent dealers can sell with us, not just buy

Buying is a massive part of the Dealer Auction offering for independent dealers, but it may come as a surprise to some that it’s not the whole story. Since 2021, independent dealers have also been able to sell on the platform, providing a fast a profitable way to dispose of unwanted duplicate, overage or part-ex vehicles. This year alone, we’ve seen independent dealers list more than 8,400 vehicles – which have achieved, on average, 100% of CAP Clean. 

3) We make finding vehicles a piece of cake

Finding the right vehicle on a busy platform like Dealer Auction can seem daunting, but it needn’t be. We recommend vehicles based on your bidding behaviour and what you’ve sold at retail via your Auto Trader forecourt. The more data accumulated, the smarter it becomes at showing you the vehicles you need. You can even filter the stock by AT Retail Rating and within a specified mile radius.  

4) We can be your end-to-end remarketing partner

Have you considered going digital but decided against it because you also need help with the other remarketing processes? Dealer Auction’s Remarketing Services could be solution. Simply put, it blends all the benefits of a high-performing digital marketplace with the convenience of a complete collection and processing service that includes transport, storage, appraisal, imaging and uploading for sale. 

5) Proxy bids make winning vehicles easy work

Remember the stress of trying to get your bid in as the clock ticks down at the end of an auction? With Dealer Auction that’s a thing of the past. Using proxy bids, simply set the maximum amount you’re willing to pay and walk away. We’ll automatically bid for you in £50 increments. 

6) We collate more stock than you might think

4,000+ dealers use our platform directly to list vehicles providing incredible choice, but it doesn’t stop there. Through Dealer Auction you can also search more than 40,000 private listings from Auto Trader as well as auction listings from our good friends Manheim. What’s more, make use of our advanced filters to sort vehicles by AT Retail Rating and retail margin, or even find those that are ULEZ-suitable.  

7) You pay less fees buying with us

Everyone likes to save a few quid, so did you know that Dealer Auction buyer fees are, on average, £250 cheaper per vehicles than other auction houses/online auctions? Those savings will add up quick! 

8) Our team has experience – plenty of it

Many of our 65-strong team are themselves former dealers, meaning they know full-well what it takes to run a dealership. You could say our platform is made for dealers, by dealers. We’ve done the math and together they have a combined 218 years of ‘dealer’ experience. 

9) Small tweaks can attract more bids

These top tips could help you get more bids on your vehicles. We’ve crunched the numbers and noticed that listings with more images have higher bidding activity. 11 images are the magic number, attracting double the bids of vehicles with fewer pics. Another simple tip is to use our recommended reserve feature as doing so will also attract more bids. 

10) Add your Auto Trader vehicles in seconds  

If your vehicle on Auto Trader is not selling at retail or is overage, did you know you can dual list on Dealer Auction in seconds? Simply add the vehicle’s VRM and mileage into our sell page and we’ll pull through all of the information from Auto Trader, advertising it to thousands of trade buyers in seconds. Better still, if the vehicle sells on Dealer Auction it will remove your Auto Trader listing, and vice versa. 

11) We can help organise payment and collection

If you’ve lots of vehicles listed for sale, it can be tricky to keep track on which have been paid for and collected by the buyer. To help make the post-auction process go more smoothly, you can mark your vehicles ‘collected’ or ‘not collected’ once sold. If the standard 72-hour collection window has expired, we can support by quickly contacting the buyer to arrange payment and collection.   

The UK’s smartest digital wholesale marketplace

As you can see, there are many ways that Dealer Auction makes buying and selling used vehicles easier and more profitable for everyone. We’re backed by unique data insights and clever tools that help you make the best decisions and are constantly evolving to remain the very best at what we do

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