Digital remarketing leads to quick sales – and more forecourt space. 

With used car stock volumes down, it’s more important than ever to maximise profit on each vehicle.

Here are five reasons why savvy dealers are leveraging digital tools to dispose of unwanted stock quickly and profitably. Could you be missing out by not taking advantage of a digital remarketing solution?

1. Quicker listings, faster sales

Being able to advertise unwanted, overage or duplicate vehicles as soon as they’re inspected and imaged is key to ensuring a quick sale. Dealer Auction enables you to sell straight from your forecourt. Upload a vehicle in a matter of minutes and sell in a matter of hours – getting cash back in the bank and making room for more profitable vehicles.

2. Access the biggest pool of buyers

Listing vehicles quickly is one thing, but you also need to make sure you’re advertising to as many of the right buyers as possible. A digital platform gives you a better chance of a quick turnaround by connecting you with thousands of trade buyers, in one go, without needing to rely on the right buyer being in the auction hall. Dealer Auction attracts a huge pool of franchise, independent and supermarket buyers.

3. Give your buyers confidence

By harnessing the power of digital, you can give prospective buyers the confidence to click ‘bid’. We’re the only platform that provides supply and demand data for a retailer’s local market, such as the AT Retail Rating – meaning the buyer will bid knowing that your vehicle is going to perform well for them. In short, just because a vehicle may not be in demand in your location, it doesn’t mean it won’t be elsewhere!

4. Let them find you

Digital platforms do the hard work in finding the right buyer and connecting them to your stock. We’ve sent out over 8.6 million alerts so far this year, instantly notifying buyers the second the vehicle they are looking for hits the platform. Those are your vehicles, sent direct to thousands of interested buyers every day.

5. The price is right

With lower volume, increased profit per unit is an absolute must. Dealers are receiving a 4% higher return* per vehicle (on average), and saw 106% on reserve in August on Dealer Auction.


Speed, profit…and forecourt space!

Speed to sale is a crucial part of any remarketing strategy, especially when navigating the current challenges.

With instant uploads, unrivalled real-time data, and nearly 5,000 trade buyers using our platform, we support the drive to a quicker sale. This not only empowers you to dispose of your unwanted stock quickly and profitably, but also means you can concentrate your efforts on vehicles that will perform in your area (we can help with that too!).

Try us now, with a free 30-day subscription. Profitable and fast trade sales are just a click away!

*On average vs physical auction

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