The Coronavirus pandemic has so far brought several challenges to the automotive industry, with one of the most serious being the shortage in semiconductor chips – crucial for building new cars. As a result, wholesale vehicle auctions are in greater demand than ever in 2021, with manufacturers, dealers and fleets going digital first to source and sell stock easily and safely.

In fact, dealers can find more types of vehicle than they probably think at a digital auction – not just the usual forecourt-fillers, but also classic, rare or luxury vehicles that offer something unique. We have released details of some of 2021’s most memorable cars so far, including the Fiat 500L used in the award-winning sitcom, ‘Peter Kay’s Car Share’.

However, it’s not just specific high-net-worth individuals that are attracted to these cars, the platform’s engaged network of over 5,000 trade buyers, has created a marketplace where there is a buyer for all types of vehicles.

Check out these eight

unforgettable examples!

1: Land Rover Series II

Two generations older than the iconic Defender, the Land Rover Series II has an important place in British vehicular history. But it’s becoming increasingly rare – making this Series II ‘Landy’ from 1963, which has been kept in fine condition during its 58 years of use, a particularly sought-after specimen. This quintessentially British 4×4 was sold through Dealer Auction for £6,250.

2: Ford Cortina

It doesn’t feel like that long since Ford Cortinas were everywhere – but the truth is that today, there are barely any left on the road. This relative scarcity led to increased interest in this classic Cortina from 1968. It was listed for wholesale auction on the Dealer Auction platform, and ended up selling for £6,328.

3: Triumph TR6

The TR6 was a best-selling sports car during its production run, but most of those models were sent overseas; only a little over 8,000 were sold in the UK. That makes this 1972 TR6 a true collector’s item – and it was duly snapped up for £17,250 when listed on Dealer Auction’s online platform. With enduring looks and more power than many of its contemporaries, this is a car that’s truly stood the test of time.


Combining the Britishness of the MG brand with the Italian aesthetic of legendary design house Pininfarina, the MGB had a pivotal role in pioneering the ‘sporty hatchback’ style when it was launched in 1965. This specimen is from 1980, making it one of the last MGB GTs ever made – and this piece of history was recently listed on Dealer Auction and ultimately sold for £7,630.

5: Ferrari Mondial

When it comes to cars that stir the emotions, nothing beats a Ferrari – and each generation and iteration of the Italian marque has its own appeal. Dealer Auction had the privilege of marketing this Ferrari Mondial, a Pininfarina-designed four-seater from 1985. The Mondial is generally regarded as one of the lowest-priced Ferraris, but the power of the Prancing Horse is undeniable, and this Italian classic fetched a highly respectable £23,000.

6: Jaguar XJS

Over the XJS’s 20-year production run, it became heavily ingrained in British popular culture, thanks in equal part to its ground-breaking styling, its success as a touring car, and its appearance in quite a few television programmes. That universal recognition was in evidence when this XJS from 1988 was sold through Dealer Auction, garnering enough interest to break the five-figure mark and sell for £10,000.

7: Porsche 911 991 Carrera GTS

Fast forward to modern-day cars, and you’ll find plenty of premium vehicles in Dealer Auction’s library, from sporty roadsters to boutique 4x4s. One of the recent highlights is this 2015 Porsche 911 991 Carrera GTS – one of the most-loved Porsches from the 991 generation, even being described as ‘the perfect Porsche’. The vehicle was made available to the trade through Dealer Auction and fetched an attractive hammer price of £74,047.

8: Range Rover Autobiography

Going full circle from the first vehicle in this list, look at how far Land Rover technology has come from the Series II to this 2019 edition of the Range Rover Autobiography. The advancements of the past 60 years have resulted in this high-spec model with an extraordinary level of trim and attention to detail – a true luxury vehicle that you might expect a footballer or film star to buy. Instead, this one was sold to the trade through Dealer Auction for £73,028.

Bonus vehicle: Fiat 500L with extra door
TV Car Share Fiat 500

Yes, you read that correctly! In January 2021, we auctioned the official Fiat 500L used in the filming of Car Share for charity – complete with the door that was knocked off in the final episode of the series, signed by Peter Kay, Sian Gibson and the crew. It’s not often we’d tell you to disregard CAP, but for this, we’ll made an exception and encouraged our dealers to dig deep! Piccadilly Motors ran the auction in aid of chosen charities Candlelighters and Martin House Hospice – and hit their target of £12,000!

Digital auctions are more popular than ever!

If you haven’t considered buying or selling at wholesale auction, now is the right time. Digital auctions are more popular than ever, reaching a wide trade audience that makes them an effective choice whether it’s for high-volume production vehicles or classic, niche cars that require highly individual treatment.

Dealer Auction’s online marketplace offers unsurpassed functionality, combining the technology and reach of two giants – Cox Automotive and Auto Trader – to deliver everything the market needs. Sellers get competitive fees, access to motivated trade bidders at scale, and an unparalleled level of insight based on live market tracking data, tailored to individual vehicles and locations. Meanwhile, buyers get a comprehensive choice and a disruptive fee structure that frees up more money to bid on the vehicles themselves.

Remarkable cars like the ones here aren’t a rarity on Dealer Auction’s trade-only platform; Dealer Auction is regularly trusted to market unusual, high-value or statement vehicles, and has a track record of enabling them to sell for the right price. Today, Dealer Auction offers a truly universal service – covering every vehicle, including some of the most extraordinary cars ever to grace our roads.

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