How the right imagery can help you sell your stock faster

The wholesale car-buying journey has evolved over the last 12 months, with more and more dealers joining the digital world in order to access the stock they need. It’s just not enough to have an online presence anymore, so the big question; with the digital landscape becoming more and more a way of life for the industry, how can sellers make their vehicles stand out?


Buying stock with confidence

It’s all about trust! Giving your buyer confidence in the quality of the vehicle you’re selling is especially important with digital sales.

From a wholesale point-of-view, digital sellers should treat fellow traders with the same care, and respect transparency, as you would with consumers. With two fifths (38%) of dealers increasing their use of digital-only auctions over the past 12 months, the benefits of securing trust with these dealers are clear to see!

Two tools that dealers can use to help buyers bid with confidence are high-quality images and detailed condition reports. In February 2021, 64% of dealers indicated that they wouldn’t consider buying a used car without quality images. What’s more – 89% said having a condition report is ‘very important’ or ‘important’ in influencing their buying decisions.

There are some quick things you can do that will instantly give you the edge over other sellers!


3 quick tips for maximising your imagery and condition reports


 1. More is more

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, or so the old adage goes, but in the case of used car stock, photos really do build a story for the buyer, helping them to decide whether or not to bid.

Providing more images is proven to attract more bids – listings on Dealer Auction with 2-5 images receive 4.1 bids on average, while listings with 11-20 images receive double that, with 8.2 bids on average!

Make sure you showcase every angle of the car, especially if it has any upgrades or extra features! Be honest about any faults or cosmetic defects, and support your photos with a detailed condition report, so that buyers can judge any potential ‘issues’ for themselves.


2. First impressions count

Lead with your strongest photo – after all, it’s the first chance you’ll have to catch your future bidder’s attention! Don’t forget that dealers can browse potential stock digitally wherever they are – so if they’re having a quick scan, it’s that first image that has the power to stop them scrolling.

Take the shot from the best angle ­(the front 3/4 with the wheels slightly turned), and capture it from a natural height. If you’re unsure, we provide a mobile overlay that guides you through your shots.


3. Consider the where and when

Although more photos are proven to attract more bids, quality is king! Be selective with the images you upload – make sure they aren’t blurred, are well-lit, and have uncluttered backgrounds. Natural light is your friend, but try to avoid the midday sun (if there is such a thing in the UK!) as it can cause unsightly shadows or glare.

If you can, why not use video walkarounds? With our platform, your ads support YouTube videos – letting the buyer see and hear the vehicle will give them confidence when they can’t come and ‘kick the tyres’.


Get the most out of digital selling

It’s never been more important to maximise your imagery and condition reports digital buyers rely on it to back up their instincts. We actively encourage our sellers to take as many photos as possible and provide photo-taking guides. Our condition reports are super easy to fill in, which not only reduces the chance of discrepancies, but also means you can add your listings quicker, and increase the speed to sell.

Let’s face it, you want to sell your unwanted and overage stock as quickly and as profitably as possible – and with Dealer Auction, you can!

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