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Are you in the motor trade? If so, then you’ll know that finding the right stock these days is no mean feat. But it’s easier when you have a single digital auction platform that covers all bases. That’s where Dealer Auction comes in. It’s the UK’s leading digital auction platform for fast, convenient stock sourcing with a rich variety of trade vehicles available to bid on and buy 24/7.

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  • Vehicle types
  • Makes and models
  • Stock profiles
  • Stock sources
  • Consumer vehicles

What's available on Dealer Auction?

Vehicle types

Whatever your need, you’ll likely find it on Dealer Auction. You can find a formidable number of petrol, diesel, EV and hybrid cars listed, as well as vans and motorbikes. What’s more, the lineup is updated every day, with thousands available to bid on at any time.

Makes and models

From Audi to Volvo, and Nissan to Tesla, we have an exhaustive variety of makes and models on the platform, so odds are you’ll find what you’re looking for. Our data shows that models such as the Ford Focus, VW Golf and BMW 3 Series are popular with customers – and you’re sure to find many examples of those – but you’re just as likely to find niche classics, rarities and sports cars.

Use our advanced filters to narrow down exactly what you need, or set up a stock policy to be notified as soon as the right vehicle hits the platform.

Stock profiles

Looking for a bargain? Maybe you specialise in premium brands or classic models? Thanks to a plethora of sellers on the platform, you can find vehicles matching near every description. In recent times, the lowest-priced vehicle we’ve seen listed was just £50 – the priciest was a £185,000 Porsche 911 GT3. With such a range available, our filters help you to find what you need, with options to narrow your search by age, mileage, location and Auto Trader Retail Rating.

Stock sources

Vehicles on Dealer Auction come from a wide range of sources, including independent dealers, franchised dealers, fleets, finance companies and OEMs. This variety is what drives the huge range of vehicles you can find on our platform.

Consumer vehicles

Backing our commitment to bring dealers all the vehicles they need in one platform, we’ve recently partnered with Auto Trader to introduce a new source of stock to the Dealer Auction platform.  With over 400,000 consumer vehicles listed on Auto Trader every year, our goal is to bring more of this quality stock direct to dealers. You can now buy vehicles directly from the consumer via the Dealer Auction platform.

Take a test drive

Are you keen to see how Dealer Auction can help you find the right vehicles? With tens of thousands of vehicles listed every year, you can take advantage of our fast, simple and efficient digital process to keep your forecourt full.

Buyers pay less in fees compared to traditional remarketing channels and our 24/7 alerts instantly tell you when the right vehicles are listed.

If that sounds good then why not try Dealer Auction for free for 30 days?

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