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Are you looking to buy or sell trade cars quickly and hassle-free? Our digital platform is your one-stop destination.

With such a large pool of buyers and thousands of used vehicles just a click away, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve made registering for your Dealer Auction account just as simple.

This article is here to walk you through the sign-up process, allowing you to jump into our trade car auctions with confidence.



  • Sign up for your free 30-day trial
  • The vetting process
  • Activating your account
  • Getting started with our digital auctions
  • Support throughout your free trial
  • Continuing your Dealer Auction journey

What’s the process when registering for a Dealer Auction account?

Sign up for your free 30-day trial

There are just three quick steps to register for Dealer Auction:

  1. Enter your contact details.
  2. Enter your business details. To qualify for an account, you’ll need to provide a valid VAT number and be a full-time motor trader.
  3. Confirm the information is correct.

Our form is nice and simple, but we wanted to shine a light on what happens ‘behind the form’…


The vetting process

Once you’ve submitted your application, it’ll arrive with our registration team. As the UK’s leading digital auction platform for trade vehicles, who we allow to have access to it is really important. Our job is to match the right vehicle with the right buyer – and, in turn, the right seller – so it’s crucial that all of our used car dealers have a great experience, whether they’re part of a big franchise group or are a smaller, independent dealership.

If you’re not approved, it isn’t game over – we’ll get in touch to let you know why your application wasn’t successful and support you where we can.


Activating your account

Once your account has been approved, you’ll receive a welcome phone call. This initial contact sets the tone for your journey with Dealer Auction. We’re big fans of leveraging digital tools, but there’s plenty of ‘human’ support available to help you navigate your account.

You’ll then receive an activation email with a link that’s active for 24 hours – so keep an eye out for it! Here you can create your login credentials for the Dealer Auction portal – a world of trade-to-trade car auctions awaits!

If you miss the email, it’s no bother – you can still get your Dealer Auction login details. Head over to the website and click the ‘Login’ button at the top right of the homepage and then select ‘Forgotten your email or password?’.

Next comes your welcome email – you’re now all set to take us for a test drive!

Top tip: When you activate your account, remember to add your card details. These are used to collect buyer and seller fees during your trial, as well as your ongoing subscription (pro rata) after the free trial ends.


Getting started with our digital auctions

Looking to buy?

Browse our extensive collection of trade car listings. With such a range available, it’s wise to filter your search to find what you need, with options to narrow your search by age, mileage, location and Auto Trader Retail Rating. Save the searches you use most often to save time and stay on the front foot.

Top tip: When looking to buy cars for your dealership, snapping up the stock you need can be a game of speed, so it’s worth setting stock policies for the vehicles you’re looking for and we’ll alert you as soon as a matching vehicle is available.

Looking to sell?

Need to make room for hotter stock? Look no further than the UK’s smartest auction site for the sale of end-of-contract, unwanted part-ex and overage wholesale stock.

Top tip: Remember that independent dealers on a monthly subscription of £99pcm get their first sale is free each month! Offering an even more lucrative revenue stream from your unwanted part-ex or overage trade vehicles.


Support throughout your free trial

Within the first two weeks of activating your Dealer Auction trial, we’ll be in touch via email and phone to see how everything’s going.

Our friendly team will look at your activity on the platform so far and suggest other ways you can make the most of our digital auction platform – whether it’s helping you make your stock work harder for you or giving you the confidence to make a winning bid.


Continuing your Dealer Auction journey

Now you’ve successfully explored all our platform has to offer during your 30-day trial, what’s next?

Your subscription will continue, meaning payment will be taken monthly. Our team is always there to help make sure you’re getting everything you need to sell faster and buy smarter.

Eager to see what we can do for you? Try us now – subscription free for 30 days.

Just three quick steps to get you online…

    Your details

    Full name*

    Company position*

    How did you hear about us?*

    Please specify*

    Email address*

    Confirm email address*

    Company details

    Are you a Manheim Auction account holder?*

    Your Manheim Auction account number*

    Are you already an Auto Trader customer?*

    Your Auto Trader DID number*

    Company type*

    Do you sell LCVs, cars or both?*

    Website address (optional)

    Company name*


    Trading address


    Line 1*

    Line 2 (optional)




    VAT registration number*

    Company status*

    Company registration number (optional)

    Directors details

    Full name (optional)

    Company registration number*


    Home address

    Full name (optional)

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    Line 1 (optional)

    Line 2 (optional)

    Town (optional)



    I certify that I am an adult, 18 or over and have authority to complete this form on behalf of the company

    I give my permission for the contact details listed above to be used for marketing purposes


    We are required to complete checks on all of our customers.

    By ticking these boxes you are agreeing for Auto Trader / Manheim to share information with Dealer Auction to enable these checks to be completed. If you are not an existing customer or do not provide consent a member of the team will be in touch to obtain the required information.

    Please note that auction fees apply when purchasing vehicles. At the end of your free trial you will be automatically charged a monthly subscription of £99 per month thereafter unless cancelled.
    Terms & Conditions apply.

    Please note that auction fees apply when purchasing vehicles. At the end of your free trial you will be invoiced for your annual subscription of £199 per year thereafter unless cancelled.
    Terms & Conditions apply. Subscriptions are billed annually in January. If you join before or after January you will be invoiced on a pro-rata basis until the following year.

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