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No one knows your business better than you. But have you considered that you might be missing out on all the benefits that come from the ‘data’ on Dealer Auction?

We pride ourselves on being the UK’s smartest digital auction platform and with good reason. For buyers, Dealer Auction lets you fill your forecourt on demand, with auctions closing every few minutes and “Buy it now” stock available 24/7 from dealers, fleets, manufacturers, consumers and auction sources. For sellers, we are a trusted platform for the sale of end-of-contract, unwanted part-ex, and overage stock. So, taking advantage of Dealer Auction really is a no-brainer for any dealer.

Data’s no joke

Whether you’re buying or selling on our platform, having access to data and insights can give you, an edge in today’s remarketing world. Dealer Auction has access to unrivalled real-time data from Auto Trader, so you can see everything all in one place.

We have always promised to help sellers dispose of vehicles faster and with a good trade profit. But we also want to help buyers make smarter decisions that will increase their profit opportunities. So, how can you make Dealer Auction’s data work harder for you?

As a buyer, you can take advantage of a variety of useful insights, including:

Days to sell

Auto Trader avg. days to sell gives the average number of days it takes a vehicle to sell at retail in your local area. Displayed on the listing and full-page advert, this helps you decide which vehicles are in demand and worth bidding on.

Retail Rating

The Auto Trader Retail Rating is also local to your postcode, scoring vehicles out of 100. The greater the number, the more likely it is to sell quickly and at the current market value. Anything at 80/100 is considered to perform well on your forecourt. The score is based on the make/model, age and mileage of the vehicle, and is calculated using three key measures: Live market supply, live buyer demand and average days to sell. The first looks at the supply level for the vehicle in the past week and compares it to the usual level over the previous six months. The result tells you whether supply in the market is high or low. Live buyer demand analyses how many consumers are looking for that vehicle and whether it’s higher or lower than usual. Average days to sell looks at how quickly that vehicle is selling at retail.

In short, this goes a long way in helping you fill your forecourt with the right cars.

National market summary

The full-page adverts also include the average retail sold price for each vehicle with a summary of the highest/lowest price and mileage.

Estimated retail margin

Our monthly Retail Margin Monitor, reveals the best-performing makes and models in terms of estimated retail margin. We do this to further support dealers in identifying the most profitable stock. The estimated retail margin is worked out by comparing average sold prices on Dealer Auction with the estimated Auto Trader market value. We also include the days to sell and the Auto Trader Retail Rating, to add additional context.

You can read the latest Retail Margin Monitor here: Citroën people carrier was Dealer Auction’s third fastest-selling model in July

For sellers, our tools help you attract more bids and boost your profits:

Recommended start price

Drawing from past sales data within our platform, we recommend an ideal starting price to give your stock the best chance of attracting bids.

Recommended reserve price

We analyse thousands of similar vehicles that have sold on our platform to recommend the best reserve price for your listing. Our records show that dealers who opt for the recommendation see better conversions on their stock and attract more bids. What’s not to love?

Firm and fast bids

The data we provide for buyers also supports sellers. It means that dealers looking at your stock will know if a vehicle is in demand and will sell quickly – resulting in firm and fast bids. Having an engaged buyer base means our dealers are ready to bid 24/7, unlike traditional auctions where they typically have to log in to a specific sale.

Finding the right buyers

The data lead platform also sends instant alerts matching the right buyers to the right stock meaning your vehicle is sent to thousands of buyers the second it hits the platform.

Deepen your insight

In summary, the right market data bolsters your profit-seeking instincts. It could even introduce you to stock you might not have considered. Knowing how different vehicles are performing in your local area and amending your plans accordingly, could benefit you right now and in the long term. And for sellers, Dealer Auction’s data helps you sell faster and more profitably.

The UK’s smartest digital wholesale marketplace

Dealer Auction is all about making buying and selling used vehicles easier and more profitable for everyone. We’re backed by unique data insights and clever tools that help you make the best decisions.

Sound good? Why not sign up for a free 90-day trial?

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